Short Films

Producer / Director/ Cinematographer / Writer / Editor

"Main Street" - Short Film

A man who has lost his family becomes homeless while holding onto the memories of his past life. He befriends a lost dog and is reminded of the importance of memories, new and old.

Filmed edited, colored and scored in 3 weeks to capture the Christmas backdrop. Topher Horn composed the score which features a live string quartet that was recorded remotely.


"Meanwhile, Memphis filmmaking continues apace, on the non-feature films level: shorts, music videos, and so on. One of the more ambitious such recent efforts (shot, according to the filmmaker, "completely under COVID protocols"), is writer-director Joshua Woodcock's holiday season-appropriate "Main Street," about a homeless man (played, expertly, by JS Tate) in Downtown Memphis who befriends a lost dog (played, also expertly, by Kodiak)."

- John Beifuss, Commercial Appeal (LINK)




2021 Festival Run Results (Updated throughout the year):

Indie Short Fest: Los Angeles International Film Festival Official Selection

Indie Short Fest: Los Angeles International Film Festival Award Nominee: Best Director

Indie Short Fest: Los Angeles International Film Festival Award Nominee: Best Actor

Short Encounters International Film Festival Official Selection

Short Encounters International Film Festival Award Nominee: Best Cinematography

Short Encounters International Film Festival Award Nominee: Best Original Score

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival: Honorable Mention




Producer / Director/ Cinematographer / Writer / Editor

"Breakfast For Two" - Short Film

This was filmed during the safer-at-home quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic in Memphis, TN. I wrote the concept and filmed it at home.

My wife was a good sport and starred in what she said was her first and last performance.

The original score was performed by Topher Horn, a producer and composer I worked previously with on the Pathetic Sounds of Detroit album. Also from that album was the artist Emily Rose, who performed the final song "Solitude" in this film, a jazz standard from the 1930's.


Producer / Director / Videographer /  Editor

"Letter To My Son" - Documentary Short Film

Short film documentary filmed during COVID-19 about a local activist and business owner who had been subjected to illegal surveillance by the police. In this film, he talks to his son about some of the things he's been through and what he's doing to try to make the world a better place.


Released October 2020.

IMG_2438 2

Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor

"The Loom Weaver" - Short Film

I was testing out some settings on a new camera before an upcoming shoot and filmed my wife doing her new COVID talent, weaving. I decided to cut it into a short video she could have for social.

Equipment: Sony A7Siii, Sony 85mm 1.8, Sigma 24-70 2.8.

Completed: April 5th, 2021

Producer / Director / Cinematographer

Queen Kwong - "Fools Gold"

Music video for the band, Queen Kwong. Filmed in Detroit, Michigan.

Official Selection for the Indie Memphis Film Festival.

Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - "See You in the Mourning"

The band was looking for a video that resembled Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut."

The production of this involved no film crew outside of me and a camera. Everything was created very quickly on the fly, and utilized film from a security camera that the band had along with a Canon C100.

Producer / Director / Videographer / Editor

Pathetic Sounds of Detroit

This is a video series I filmed and directed while recording the Pathetic Sounds of Detroit album. Since we were keeping with Jack White's original release and limiting ourselves to recording the audio completely on 1/4" tape, I decided to also limit ourselves on the videos that accompanied the release and recorded on tape. This was recorded on an old Sony Handicam DV camera.

Along with the record, the project included music videos, previews, and behind the scenes interviews.

Real Detroit Weekly gave it a 5 star review. It was nominated for "Best Compilation Album" at the Detroit Music Awards. CBS Detroit stated, "Don’t let the name fool you, ladies and gentlemen, The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit is anything but, well…pathetic." (LINK)

Emily Rose, who is featured in this series, would later perform the title music on "Breakfast for Two."

This was produced during my second year of law school.


Back Alley Bikes Mini Documentary

This was a project I produced at Doner outside of work with some members of the production team. It's the first in a series of videos documenting how different organizations are reaching out to help the Detroit community.

Producer / Director / Cinematographer

"Fire" Documentary

This is a short 15 minute documentary released on the 20th anniversary of the fire that burned down Doner's building and forced a restructuring of the business. Features interviews of employees that worked there at the time, news footage, and found footage filmed immediately following the fire. This was aired for an agency-wide event that was featured on local news.