Video Projects


Navy - Faces of the Fleet

Documentary series for America's Navy. Each episode features a behind the scenes look at a real Navy sailor and examines what drives them to be successful in their field.

Each of these is shot around the country in multiple locations, on ships, in their hometowns, and more.

Winner of multiple awards, including Addy Awards (2018, 2019) and the Adweek Arc Award for Best Use of Short-Form Film (2019).

Producer, Videographer

Navy - Ratings Videos

This is an ambitious project that involves filming at Navy bases and ships across the country, interviewing and capturing the roles of every single rate in the Navy.

Filming includes 2 week productions at certain locations, week-long embarks on ships accompanying sailors, and even going underway on a nuclear submarine in order to fully capture the real daily lives of sailors. Production has taken me to almost every part of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Materials during this production have been used to create videos showcasing each rate, and also for social posts for America's Navy's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Overall, the final edits will include over 60 videos showing every rate in the Navy, and will be used as a tool to better inform future recruits about what each job entails to help them in their decision for their career path.

My role was as producer and videographer at certain locations (including the SARC video and a nuclear submarine, where bringing a full film crew would be difficult). I was also involved in the creative process in developing a look and feel that we were trying to achieve in the films, and writing questions that we used to draw out the stories from each sailor during interviews.


Full Youtube Playlist (80+ Videos)


Navy - Navy Ship Profile Videos


This is a portion of the digital asset collection series we've produced. In addition to profiling the different jobs of the Navy, we've also produced videos showcasing the going-ons of different ships in the fleet. These are usually filmed during week-long embarks on each ship, and feature aerial shots and F-18 Super Hornet launches. These are particularly difficult to shoot due to some of the security equipment each ship has and how they can affect cameras.

Producer / Director / Videographer

Queen Kwong - "Fools Gold"

Music video for the band, Queen Kwong. Filmed in Detroit, Michigan.

Official Selection for the Indie Memphis Film Festival.

Producer, Director, Editor, Co-Writer

The Doghouse - Brand Campaign

Brand campaign that I produced, directed, edited, and co-wrote with a former coworker and owner of The Doghouse Memphis.

The spots include a brand manifesto, short stories of each dog's day at school, and a series of spoof movie trailers.

These were created for social releases and Imax theaters, where they're currently airing.

Producer, Director

Peapod - Hack Yes Campaign

Brand campaign that I produced and directed for Peapod, a food delivery company. These were done on a limited budget and made to resemble a Wes Anderson movie. We wanted them to be quick and quirky.

Producer / Videographer / Editor / Translator

Adidas - Damian Lillard

This was filmed in Tokyo, Japan for Adidas. I was involved in the pitch meetings and designed many of the ideas and deck that won us this business. I was also involved in producing the event activation that is featured in this video. This was filmed on a Panasonic GH4 and a Canon C100 and edited on Adobe Premiere.


Maserati - Fast

This piece launched Maserati's first SUV, and was made for a European auto show to offer a first look at the vehicle.

This featured both stock footage and footage shot in multiple locations, including the drone shots and the final piano theater scene that introduces the new vehicle.

Producer, Podcast Editor

Navy - Sea Story

This is a Youtube video series that features our Navy Podcast Sea Story. I produce the series, and also record and edit a number of episodes. The episodes that are featured here are some of my favorites that I've edited, with really interesting sound design elements. For The Hum, I did a different approach than we usually do and had the action flow seamlessly with a hum sound that features both mechanical and human elements. Splashdown features an interview with an actual frogman that rescued the Apollo 11 astronauts when they made it back to earth, and includes some archival audio that I edited to help bring you into the moments of his story. Most of the footage that is featured in the videos I've either produced or filmed and produced.


Producer, Videographer, Editor

Navy - Water Safety

This is part of the Navy's PSA for water safety. The demonstrations and tips for water safety were filmed in San Diego, CA, and used throughout was B-Roll filmed during our asset collection project seen in the ratings videos section.

Camera used was a Sony FS7. Edited on Adobe Premiere using Red Giant Magic Bullet plugins.

Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor

Navy - Augmented Reality Survival Training


This was a Navy exercise showing off possible uses of augmented reality in the field. This was a featured video on Reddit.

Producer, Editor, Composer

Navy - Google Home Pre-Roll


I produced, edited, composed and designed the sound on this Navy pre-roll announcing our partnership with Google Home to celebrate the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Producer / Editor / Translator

BMW Stories - AI

AI is one of Japan's biggest pop stars, and BMW teamed up with her to announce her first pregnancy. This was filmed in Tokyo over the course of the day, with AI driving in her own BMW. Her music is featured in the video.

Producer / Director / Videographer

Fairlife Social Media Post

This is a social post we filmed for fairlife (Coca Cola). We film a number of short social posts that are posted on Instagram and Facebook each month.

This was a particularly hard shoot, as the idea as-written called for using a product called "Never Wet" to allow for the displacement of milk to form the letters, with the desire to do everything practically (including having the straws suck up the milk). During early creative meetings, I mentioned that I didn't believe it'd work as the viscosity of milk is different than that of water, and wouldn't work with "Never Wet" and would leave a residue if sucked up off of glass. After testing and confirming this, I worked with the team on an idea that would allow us to do most of the shoot practically with only some post work to achieve the original creative of the shoot. We did this by having foam borders put in to create the edge of the words for the milk to hit, and we set up the camera so that we could switch out the plane of glass, fill it with milk through straws, and reverse this film to create the "sucking up" effect.


ADT "Back to Biz"

This was a social spot that features Ving Rhames rapping an ADT song. I was involved in producing the jib jab look, as well as in the initial sound design and final record.

I had worked with Ving Rhames on other broadcast commercials, but have remained fond of this video because of his willingness to try to rap for the first time. Later, Arby's would try to do something similar with him.


Dodge Charger / Challenger "Ever"

This is one in a series of spots produced advertising the Dodge Charger and Challenger as muscle car siblings.


Back Alley Bikes Mini Documentary

This was a project I produced at Doner outside of work with some members of the production team. It's the first in a series of videos documenting how different organizations are reaching out to help the Detroit community.

Producer / Director / Videographer / Editor

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor Music Video

The band was looking for a video that resembled Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut." Shot and edited August 2017.

Producer / Director / Videographer

Client Pitch - Nashville Ethnography Video

I was involved in the planning of this for a client pitch. I filmed this on a Canon 5D in Nashville, Tennessee, with the strategy team. The pitch this was used in successfully won the client's business.

Producer / Editor / Translator

BMW Stories - Wrenne

Wrenne was a musical artist that was on a promotional tour of Japan. We wanted to get a foreigner's view of Japan while filming them drive through Tokyo in a BMW.

Producer / Director / Videographer

Client Video - Serta NYC Event

This video was filmed in NYC during a Serta "Declare Peace" event activation in New York City. The goal was to capture what the experience of the event was like while also giving details on the response it had on social media.

Producer / Director / Videographer

"Fire" Documentary

This is a short 15 minute documentary released on the 20th anniversary of the fire that burned down my advertising company's building and forced a restructuring of the business. Features interviews of employees that worked there at the time, news footage, and found footage filmed immediately following the fire. This was aired for an agency-wide event that was featured on local news.