Oh Shit (Based on Current Events) – Full Film and Production Materials

Joshua Woodcock

Amber finds it hard to ignore the apocalypse as it starts to hit a little too close to home.

Oh Shit (Based on Current Events) is a short satire film completed in August 2022. A lot of world events seemed to be happening and this was written as a satire about how our younger generation has learned to dissociate in order to cope. Filming was completed in 1 day in June with close work being done with Jon Robinson and Matthew Niemi. Post-production happened throughout July.

Below is the full film and production materials.


Oh Shit (Based on Current Events)

Length: 5:01

Written, directed, and shot by Joshua Woodcock
Produced by Joshua Woodcock, Jon Robinson, and Matthew Niemi
Music composed by Topher Horn
Starring Miki Murray, James C. Stewart, Miles Weatherup, Alex Ramirez, John Grosjean, Steve Williams, Ashley Williams, Emily Anderson-Woodcock
Special effects by Michael Majewski
Sound mix & edit by Steve Williams

Filmed in the Seattle, Washington area.


Final Film



These are the storyboards we used to shoot the film. I usually storyboard my films (or at least key scenes) in order to film quickly. I used these instead of my usual shot list for this film to get specific visuals I wanted.

Call Sheet

This is the call sheet used (with personal information redacted). I include this because it might be useful to others trying to make their first short film to see how a day might be broken up. Usually also includes a call time for each actor (and crew) but I've redacted that page.


Behind the Scenes

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